Disaster Risk Management

In this module you will work through a number of key messages which will introduce you to the subject of Disaster Risk Management.

Child Protection in Emergencies

This module will help you understand child protection in emergencies, and why it is important for children and youth.

Education in Emergencies

This module covers education as a first response in emergencies, showing how it is important, not only for development and growth, but also for protecting children.

This learning tool was developed with financial support from Irish Aid. However, the views and content do not necessarily represent those of Irish Aid.

We are grateful to Unicef Television for granting permission to use some of their videos in this learning tool.

Some of the content of this course has been taken from the "Introduction to Child Protection in Emergencies" modular training package. This is an inter-agency initiative developed in collaboration with the Christian Children’s Fund (now called ChildFund International), International Committee of the Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children Alliance, Terre des Hommes, United Nations Children’s Fund, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.